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Some browsers worth installing on your Mac:. Firefox Quantum Google Chrome Opera. From Safari's Develop menu , select the User Agent item.

Not using Safari?

Make your selection from the list. The browser will reload the current page using the new user agent. Open Page With just takes care of the entire process with a simple menu selection.

Comment changer la page d'accueil de votre navigateur

A list of browsers installed on your Mac will be displayed. Select the browser you wish to use.

Get the latest Firefox browser.

The selected browser will open with the current website loaded. Continue Reading.

  • UNetbootin.
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  • Intego has been making security and utility software exclusively for Apple products since 1997..
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  • Comment vider le Cache de son Navigateur.
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This is a great opportunity to gain exposure to real-world software development scenarios. You don't have to be a proven developer, we'd like to have students who are committed to helping MacPorts.

We are always open to new ideas. Research on the idea, draft an initial proposal and get it reviewed. We're always looking for more helping hands that can extend and improve our ports tree and documentation, or take MacPorts itself beyond its current limitations and into new areas of the vast software packaging field.

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A iMac that has a modem and an Ethernet connector is way too easy. So I found another old Palm to try… and I succeeded. The main difference is that it is black, which makes it some classy. After a few mistakes, especially to find a functional browser, it worked. I was a little disappointed to see it had to go through a cable and Windows.

Using Unetbootin

First thing, get a Mac with infrared. I did not really want to test it with my iMac although it should work , so I took out my USB adapter. Then I looked for how to do it. There are a lot of tutorials to do it via Bluetooth, but my Palm does not work on Bluetooth.