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To set up the ipR through wifi, I do confirm that deleting the "installation check" file in the installation package did the work. The driver itself is indeed present so that the printer can be connected through USB , but the button "More Printers" in the Advanced section was not present until I reinstalled the package iPR I am unable to delete the "InstallationCheck" from the installer package.

I know there used to be a force delete available but I can't seem to find that. How do I do that? You can't make changes in the disk image. So you have to open the. If it doesn't work, check files and folder permissions? Do you have an admin account?

Sharing the Printer

Printing works just fine once you follow the instructions detailed in this hint. BUT, the driver doesn't work properly in all apps. My theory is that bit apps most of the built-in ones, for example do NOT work properly but any lingering bit apps Firefox, for example will work properly. I get an error when running Mail and Safari so far which says, 'The Bundle "QualityMediaa" couldn't be loaded because it doesn't contain a version for the current architecture. So we are going to have to rely on Canon to produce bundles for the bit apps that is my assumption.

I hope they don't let us down. Great hint. This was the only disappointment for me after installing Snow Leopard. The drivers from the apple site didn't help either. With printer sharing enabled on my wife's Works great in all apps so far, including Safari. Solution: Mac OS X v Hopefully this new supported driver comes out soon Seems like at least one of the 64bit driver support issues Microsoft was having with Vista is hitting Mac also.

Twain SANE scanner driver packages don't recognise This hopefully gets around this issue, so thanks! Has anyone had any success with a Canon MultiFunction laser i. I would like to install SL but this is currently holding me back. USB would be fine even if network printing doesn't work.

Any help is appreciated. I have an MF series multifunction, and it's not yet supported in Snow Leopard. From what I can gather, Canon will be releasing drivers for these printers in the next weeks. Good luck to all of us with these printers! After my However, upon selecting to add a printer, it saw it and installed a driver easily. When I installed the software on my shiny new Snow Leopard system, the installer put up a dialog that said I was running an "unsupported operating system", but it gave me the choice to proceed anyway.

I did so and it installed the printer and scanner software just fine. Early testing suggests that the Canon software required for its network printing protocol BJNP is apparently non-functional in Snow Leopard.

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You may not be able to print to a Canon printer that is directly connected to an Ethernet or wireless network i. The drivers are okay but the network printing is not. To work around the network issue, keep one machine on This way, Snow Leopard Macs print to the To share the printer, use the regular Sharing pref pane on the I'm using a multi-function MP this way and can scan directly and print via a I can confirm that the aforementioned technique works with the Canon ImageRunner One machine running Hopefully the reports regarding the updated BJNP drivers are accurate.

I discovered that if I put my apps in bit mode, the R driver works perfectly. So it confirms that it is a very simple change that Canon needs to do add the bit architecture to the UI description file to get this working. If this in fact turns out to be the case it will be the last time I buy or recommend a Canon product, as I have only had this printer for 18 months or so.

I sent mail to Canon support to see if they intend to make this simple fix for the R driver. This is my last Snow Leopard issue. Other printers may have been updated as well. Install it, and then use System Preferences to add a new printer as usual. Select the "Default" option and just wait a few seconds and ensure the firewall allows access to see the iPR show automatically.

It appears there is no multifunction hardware listed on the link in " Other printers may have been updated as well " I posted above. So I guess the support site map is the best place to start looking for updated drivers. Or start your search at www. After upgrading to After rerunning the old installer mpsosxpdea This is NOT with the other printer types listed across the top.

Set Up Printing on Mac OS 10.6 or 10.7 (Snow Leopard or Lion)

Bad design if you ask me. After clicking "More Printers Maybe this button was showing before I installed the driver, but I don't think so. Also, before the upgrade it sometimes took more than 30 seconds for my printer to show up in the list of Canon IJ Network printers. If your's doesn't show up right away, wait a bit before giving up. I see no multifunction hardware listed on the printer page I posted before, so I guess the support site map is the best place to start looking for updated drivers. Was working fine, on After that the Canon showed up as a scanner only.

Same behavior everyone else is seeing. Very annoying. Go directly to canon and load their latest and greatest drivers. The released a bunch of new software in Sept of This still didn't resolve the issue. On a lark I downloaded the IJ Network took again. That is the tool that lets you set your printers network settings remotely. It installed, forced a reboot ran the software and I just confirmed the settings that it found.

After that my printer showed up in the default list after that. Seems to work fine now. After installing the driver at the top of the list I could print again - yay! But, I still couldn't scan! After a few days of grumbling about still not being able to scan I went back to the Canon website and read a little more carefully - guess what? This all-in-one device requires two, separate drivers!

Just to add to this bit of information, I want to report that after installing Snow Leopard, I was not able to print on a wireless network with the recently released Canon drivers. Using Canon IJ Network utility version 2. Everything else worked scan on wifi, including configuring the printer over wifi with Canon Network utility version 2. This installs version 2. The printer still does not appear in the setup pane but appears in the 'utility' pane for wireless configuration BUT there is now a 'More printers' button in the Apple printer system preferences pane when I add a printer and I can now setup the printer for wireless printing.

I have lost various hours on this. However, it won't install. I have pulled the installed to the desktop. There is no installationcheck file in the resources folder to delete. Anyone really figure this one out? Connects easily via my wireless network, communicates with the PC and it's two external HD's. Only problem is printing. Under "IP" I've added it under "Line printer daemon - LPD" with a valid address and name where after "gathering printer info" it lists it as a "generic postscript printer" - I change it to Canon MP driver and click "add" and a window drops down for a half second saying "determining installable options Not too obvious for me.

Like I described above, if the printer drivers have been installed like maybe, if not included in Leopard by default, then by connecting the printer through USB first then, when it is in range and the firewall allows access, it should show up after a few seconds. At least, for an iPR. See also Super User for a screenshot. The MP drivers from the Canon website have the same version number My Mac can see it quite happily. It can print to it too. But scanning will not work - it claims not to find a connected scanner.

Has anyone else overcome this issue? I am having the same trouble. I can print but can not scan.

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    I tried to do what you recommended but it im not sure I did the right thing. I ve downloaded the driver that apple has released as well the ones tha canon has released. Do you have an advice of what to do? I have the same issue. However the MPEX explorer finds the scanner if the account I am working on is an administrative account.

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