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I placed the font in the InDesign font folder as well as my Windows font folder to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I just installed the IndexMatic 2 script. I am trying to find the best solution to properly index a list of names.

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These names are not marked with specific character styles. But, I do need to find the proper code to locate any time the first and last name appear both separately and together, such as the name 'Spiro Agnew'. I know what my output would be, but how can I further edit the first part of this equation to narrow down the search? Do I simply do this? At least this indicates that the font is properly installed—since the pink "if" is the missing character glyph generated by IndyFont.

Hi - I'm sure this has been covered before but I can't seem to find the answer. I have a catalog of book titles that I would like to index.

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All of the book titles are in a specific paragraph style and have an end of paragraph marker at the end of the title. Is there a query to add that will include the complete multi-word book title instead of separate individual words? Hi Marc, I purchased Wordalizer Pro 1. I used this email to pay, so hopefully you can tie it up together and find me on a list of licensees somewhere! Check your mailbox, I just sent you back your private link.

Download the product package and re-install it. I just wondering if we can use this script it for Non-English language as well or not like Arabic, Persian. Pourriez-vous me dire comment les installer pour que je puisse les utiliser SVP? Comment le savoir? Merci, Cat. Today I came up with a thing that frustrates me since CS5. The missing spread view in Bridge. You as a scripting pro might have a solution or an explanation why Adobe can't give us the feature.

The thing is, that I work for an agency where we design a lot of broschures. Since we upgraded to CC last year we can't see the complete spread in Bridge. By default or as an option. Tout fonctionne bien mais j'ai une petite question concernant l'actualisation d'un code barre. Par avance merci pour le retour. Cordialement, Jean-Philippe. Pour des raisons historiques, BookBarcode 2.

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Il est possible cependant d'abaisser cette limite. Hi - I'm trying to run automate InDesign using text data from a database. I have a dynamically created jsx InDesign script that I would like to run in InDesign, but I would like to start the script from the command line in Windows. The database can send an event to start InDesign but I would like to include the name of the jsx script that InDesign will run.

Can InDesign run a jsx script from the command line? Thanks for any suggestions. I didn't investigate running scripts through command line, but my fellows at the Scripting Forum have probably experimented this topic. I've just purchased Indexmatic 2, but I can't seem to be able to import an external list for indexing. I was able to do so with IndexBrutal previously. Please help! Hello, When I use the script with indesign on an existing document the word cloud generated is tiny.

How do you export for a high res print? The script generates pure vector artworks. Just select the result, group it and rescale it to your needs. This way you can reach any resolution for print purpose.


I was interested in using an exception list so that I won't match words in the Index product. For example limiting to 3 letters doesn't always work when words like "oak", "bar", "son" are desired words but words like "the", "but", "too" are not needed. Going through the text file manually has taken hours after purchasing the Pro version. But the query engine see detail in the manual remains the best way to target and retrieve relevant data from the document s you are indexing.

I'm trying to write little script for Indesign CS 5. The script is almost done and functional, but I'd like to make it more user friendly and use some icons. With your 'serialized PNG' works all great. I wondered if there is a way to break the pages according to an CSV file columns. In other words, i want Indesign to start a new page when I say it should. Can anyone help me with this issue? Note: all XMPie emails contain an unsubscribe option for stopping future communications.

If you would like to opt-out now, please write to optout xmpie. Software Tutorials. Learn how to create a simple VDP Campaign from concept to production. Add a personalized image and a chart to a simple VDP Campaign. Yes, I would like to receive communications regarding XMPie products, news and events. Pour la CS4, les deux plates-formes se valent. Pour poursuivre la recherche, il faut cliquer sur le bouton Suivant. Bref, tous les autres blocs Unicode. La regex [?! En revanche, si la regex.? Trois combinaisons sont possibles.

Il trouve une position. Comment, donc, trouver notre lettre minuscule avec cette option de Style de paragraphe? Au passage, remarquons que la regex. Tout simplement celle des blocs Unicode. Lookahead positif? La regex? Mais Paris doit ici toujours avoir une majuscule. En recherchant?

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Avec la regex? En activant le mode ligne par ligne? On peut dire que? Ajout de commentaires? Le principe est simple. Certaines lui sont dues, cf. Une fois la condition remplie, les nombres sont mis en gras. Sur son chemin, il trouve naturellement des chiffres, qui suivent les deux symboles, mais peu lui importe. Des styles GREP conditionnels? On ne peut pas encore?