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Indexed - This is the mode usually used when file size is of concern, or when you are working with images with few colors. It involves using a fixed number of colors or less for the entire image to represent colors. As you might expect, since the information needed to represent the color at each pixel is less, the file size is smaller.


However, sometimes, there are options in the various menus that are grayed-out for no apparent reason. This usually means that the filter or option cannot be applied when your image is in its current mode. Changing the mode to RGB, as outlined above, should solve this issue.

I need to make images in CMYK

If RGB mode doesn't work either, perhaps the option you're trying requires your layer to have the ability to be transparent. Grayscale - Grayscale images have only shades of gray. It's really easy. The ColorSync Profile will change automatically.

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If you have ImageMagick installed on your machine, you can do this in Terminal. Sign up to join this community.

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Converting RGB files to CMYK () — Help & Support —

Open the image with ColorSync. Use sips thanks NSD and supply the --matchTo argument. The first form manipulates the file in-place.

ColorSync link is dead, but otherwise good answer! There was talks about doing so many years ago, but it was decided that RGB was good enough. Decomposing does allow you do create templates which might be good enough for offset printing firms. Example of what I'm referring to. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

Converting Color Images to B&W

Thanks Lyle. I'll try to do this. I guess I can check by printing. Hmmm - I have a suggestion for a [probably huge] project Argh I dread having to attempt the Photoshop learning curve. I have started it up around 17 times in the last week, and closed it again after the tutorials for the version I have seem to be missing steps in logic. It is way out of my comfort zone.

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